The CD

We released our first CD in the Spring of 2003 called Nose to the Grindstick. (It's a pun. Sticks. Stones. Grindstone. Get it?). A very few copies remain. If you want one, contact the webmaster. The track list and the soloists' names are below:

Track Soloist Original Artist
Faith Chris Schad '05
Kara Levy '03
George Michael
Pride Kara Levy '03 U2
Up the Ladder Various The Nylons
Walking After Midnight Becca Lipstein '03 Patsy Cline
Break My Stride Geoff Klein '03 Matthew Wilder
Colorblind Myra Vallianos '05 Counting Crows
Inside Out Sophie Acord '03 Eve 6
Kiss Him Goodbye Becky Strass '06 The Nylons
Basket Case Geoff Klein '03 Greenday
Another Lonely Day Phil Blumenshine '03 Ben Harper
Change in My Life J McConnell '03 John Pagano
Leaving on a Jet Plane Sarah Kate Selling '03 John Denver
Insomniac Chris Schad '05 Billy Pilgrim