Swarthmore Political Review


The Swarthmore Political Review is an undergraduate journal of politics and public policy seeking to provide a non-partisan forum for Swarthmore students to research, write, and edit substantive commentary on current political, cultural, and social issues. SPR seeks to invigorate the intellectual and political discourse on campus by publishing thoughtful, reasoned, well-written essays and book reviews on domestic and world politics, as well as culture and the arts.

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SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED VIA E-MAIL (spr at sccs.swarthmore.edu).

Apply for Editorial Positions

SPR is currently seeking editors. In order to apply for an editorial position, we are asking that you send us (via email):

  1. A writing sample.* Please submit a paper (preferably written for a class) that you believe illustrates your writing abilities.
  2. A brief statement explaining why you would like to be an editor for SPR. The statement does not need to be longer than a paragraph.
  3. A list of other anticipated extracurricular commitments.

*Students interested in becoming layout or web editors need not send in writing samples.