SOCA Club Charter

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Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA) Charter 2005-2006


This support organization addresses the issues (not listed by priority) affecting the lives of Caribbean students on the Swarthmore campus through the following: Through curriculum initiatives, SOCA hopes to heighten Caribbean awareness and fill in the gaps in Caribbean studies. For example, bringing Caribbean subject material up to the level of Latin American and African subject material. SOCA provides academic and cultural support for students from the Caribbean.
SOCA provides both social and cultural activities for both the group and the entire campus.
SOCA attempts to heighten political awareness and provide first hand perspectives on developments in the Caribbean region.
SOCA works closely with Admissions to increase the population of Caribbean students on the Swarthmore campus.
SOCA works diligently on presenting a clear conception of the Caribbean to the entire student body.


The above goals are accomplished in the following ways:

Curriculum: Alliances have been and continue to be formed and nurtured with professors to address the need for a Caribbean presence in curriculum. The organization serves as a united voice towards these changes.

Cultural Support: SOCA sponsors identity-nurturing activities such as speakers, Caribbean movies and documentaries.

Social and Cultural Activities: These include folk song and dance workshops, ethnic dinners, movie nights, reggae/Calypso/Soca dance parties, and off campus excursions

Political Awareness: This goal is accomplished through speakers, panel discussions, conferences and lobbying for the addition of Caribbean issues to the curriculum.

Admissions: SOCA vocalizes the need for Caribbean recruitment and attempts to network throughout Caribbean secondary schools, through representatives who work with the Admissions Office.

Clear Conception of the Caribbean: SOCA strives to present a clear conception to the entire student body through all-campus activities such as discussions, speakers and workshops to dispel any misconceptions about the Caribbean and its peoples.


We feel that SOCA can best accomplish its goals chartered as a support group with open membership to anyone with Caribbean heritage, ancestry, or interest. SOCA membership is open to the entire campus regardless of sex, race, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual preference or handicap.


Leadership currently consists of an Executive Board, comprising of a pair of Co-Presidents, Secretary, Public Relations Officer, and Treasurer. Elections to select the Board members will be held at the end of each academic year and the elected members will hold their position for one (1) academic year. During meetings, the President will present ideas and issues to the group for discussion and approval and the majority will have the final say. In the event that a decision must be made before a meeting can be held, the President must do so.


SOCA is one of a kind at Swarthmore. SOCA serves the Caribbean population as DESHI and SASA serve theirs. The needs of Caribbean students cannot be met through the International Club since that is solely a social organization, neither political nor academic. SASS, HOLA and SAO also cannot address the needs of all Caribbean students since we vary across multi-racial lines. SOCA continues to expose the Swarthmore community to Caribbean history and culture. Only SOCA can bring the proper insight into Caribbean affairs to the campus. Therefore, the function of SOCA on this campus is indeed unique and necessary.