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Fall 2018 Issue

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Excerpted from the foreword
by the Editorial Board Members of the Class of 2018:

We are already nostalgic about leaving this community and group of people just when it feels like we’re gaining momentum and are ready to be a larger presence on campus. We will miss the four-hour-long meetings, fueled by black coffee and Franzia regardless of what time of day they were taking place. We will miss being given the chance to look into the collective consciousness of the student body, to know that we were all dealing with the same loves and heartbreaks, traumas and joys of all magnitudes. We will miss each other, and all of you, even those we only knew through the work you were so generous to share with us. But we are also excited to see how Small Craft Warnings will continue to grow without us. We see more feelings & wine parties, more writing workshops, more readings, and more poetry contests in SCW’s future— and we know that we leave this small craft in good hands.

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