Small Craft Warnings is a literary magazine of Swarthmore College, publishing prose, poetry, artwork, and photography by current students, alumni, and staff.

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Excerpted from the introduction
by Adam Haslett:

“We were sitting in the living room of a second floor apartment in the ville, a group of ten or twelve of us, the self-appointed editorial board of Small Craft Warnings, circa 1991. The off-campus digs, the bong on the coffee table, the jungle-like house plants, the Indian-print bedspread thrown over the fourth-hand couch, together managed to summon the fading but not quite vanquished spirit of bohemia, lending our discussion of what should be accepted into the next issue of the magazine an air of literary consequence. When we got around to the one anonymous submission, a sub-Wolffian fragment of consciousness unmoored, I could tell quickly enough that it was headed for rejection. The lead editor described it as melodramatic without the drama. It doesn’t go anywhere, someone said, I don’t get it. Others were simply bemused. We were about to vote when I spoke up. Seeing it had no chance, I sagely agreed it didn’t merit inclusion, but I just wanted to note that I thought it had a certain rhythm, and a few sentences that were worthwhile. The submission, of course, was my own.”

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