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Winter Retreat is from February 3-4! Join God's Epic Story at the Blue Church. Click here to download the form. Email Andrew (acheng1) for more information!

Who We Are

Swarthmore Christian Fellowship (SCF) is a multi-ethnic, student-led ministry that seeks to love and glorify Jesus Christ through vibrant community! SCF meets throughout the week in a variety of settings, including small group bible studies and prayer meetings. We welcome all, regardless of background or belief, at all our activities, and seek to answer to questions that they may have. There are currently 45-50 active SCF members and around 150 Swatties on our mailing list.

Like the Christian fellowships at nearby Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, Swarthmore Christian Fellowship (SCF) is a chapter of the non-denominational Christian ministry, Intervarsity. To learn more about Intervarsity, check out their website.

What We Believe

We believe that God is real, loving, and eager to get to know us. He sent his son, Jesus Christ, to earth to make it possible for everyone to be in a relationship with God. Such a relationship means having Jesus as the inspiration, leader, and strength in everything one does. We don't do that very well, however, and sometimes we don't do that at all. As humans it is in our nature to turn away from God's divine direction. That is why we continually seek to be renewed by Him. We believe that although Jesus Christ is not on earth as physical being, God's Spirit is present and active in the lives of people. Through the action of the Holy Spirit, we see God's power and desire to heal us when we are hurting and help us be receptive to him.
We believe that the Christian fellowship at Swarthmore College is not at all supposed to a separate group existing within the community of our school. Instead, we should be a part of the college that loves and serves our fellow students. To do this means building open and respectful relationships with people who do not share our beliefs, while still being confident to share the truth.

You can read the official InterVarsity Faith Statement here.