SASS General Meeting

September 2, 2004

Start : 8:08pm

Facilitator : Jaky


In Attendance : Adil, Bill, Radiance, Taru, Melonie, Maceray, Saeed, Abena, Shea, Brandy, Kareem, Sheveen, Ahmmad, Hanifa, Kennette, Danielle, Ben, Khendi, Erika, Lola, Jordy, Brandon K., Winds, Lorpu, Jaky, Sherelle, Mukethe, Shavaugn, Corey, Eric, Kendra, Carla, Rochelle, Marissa, Janelle, Jihan, Melissa, Revee, Shanna, Jessica, Miriam, Stephanie (42 total)

Note: Please try to read through everything; there’s a lot of good stuff in there! I know it’s long, but you know how we do. ;)

Items :






End : 9:00pm

Adjourned by : LP