Group for Africana Literary Analysis



Mission Statement: GALA, the Group for Africana Literary Analysis, is intended to inform and engage students in discussion of books across genres written on topics that relate to the black experience. The books are enjoyable, controversial, and have a meaningful message that can be applied to our lives. GALA is an open, safe place where everyone is free to express their opinion and critically assess any opinion expressed.


GALA does not discriminate based on age, sex, race, or religion. Meetings are held every other Sunday in the BCC.

Executive Council:

Chair: Khendi White

Vice Chair: Erika Dupree

Treasurer: Kendra McDow

Secretary: Miriam Okine




The Red Letter Plays

Breaking Ice: Collection of Short Stories


GALA Schedule for September - October

Meeting Sept. 19

Pass out Erasure

Discuss Last Poets


Week of Sept. 19 - Read Chapters 1-3


Week of Sept. 26 - Read Chapters 4-7


Meeting Oct. 3

Discuss reading (Ch. 1-7)


Week of Oct. 3 – Read My Pafology inserted story


Week of Oct. 10 (Fall Break) – Read Ch. 8-13


Week of Oct. 17 – Read Ch. 14 –end (18)


Movie Showing Oct. 23 - 7:30 pm



Meeting Oct. 24

Discuss Erasure and compare/contrast with Bamboozled

Pass out next piece of literature (will be chosen by group vote prior to this mtg.)