The Peripeteia Planning Committee is seeking new members from the student body to help plan Peripeteia for next year and in the future! Students, if you're excited about what Peripeteia does, please consider applying to join us! Members of the committee work together to plan interdisciplinary Prelude discussions and, of course, Peripeteia weekend itself. The application is available HERE.

Thanks for attending Peripeteia 2017! If you couldn't attend, check out the schedule here.

The Peripeteia Planning Committee is pleased to announce a new project, called PILE: Peripeteia's Interdisciplinary List of Events. Basically, we'll be managing a list which says, for each week, which departments and other groups are hosting events that are open to the campus community, so that those outside of a given department can be aware of a departmental event that might interest them. So if you're a math major who wants to go to an art history talk now and then, this list can help remind you when and where they are. You can sign up to receive PILE's weekly emails here or email jmundo1@swarthmore.edu with the subject "PILE Sign-up".

Peripeteia is an event where anyone can teach a course on anything they like, academic or non-academic. We also host panel discussions called Preludes.

You can learn more about Peripeteia by contacting swatperipeteia@gmail.com, on our about page, or by contacting any of the members of the Peripeteia planning committee.