Upcoming Events:

May 5 and 6, 2003: Jamboree

Jamboree will be hosted by 16 Feet on Monday May 5th and Tuesday May 6th. The event, as usual will start at 7pm. Come check out the event. Our senior, Andy, will be graduating and thus he will sing a wonderful solo along with two other new tunes that we are working on. Although this semester has been low key for us, we are on schedule learning repetoire and just having fun.

Past Events:

March 1, 2003: "Screw Your Roommate" Preformal

We will be singing in Parrish Parlours for the "Screw Your Rooommate" tennis preformal. Bring your date to this classy event and hear us sing. An instrumental jazz group will trade sets with us at this event.
January 2003: New member
Congratulations to our new member Amara Telleen. This semester we are a whopping 5 people, 2 gals and 3 guys. It will be fun to search through our old repetoire to find tunes that will accomodate our voices.
November 18, 2002: Paces Jazz Night
Here it is finally ... our concert before Jamboree. Paces is the on-campus student-run cafe. A jazz trio/quartet/other will start the evening off at 9:30pm. Then at 10pm Oscar & Emily will perform a set, followed by another set by the jazz group. A full evening of jazz a cappella and instrumental music.
December 11 and 12, 2002: Jamboree
We have gotten word that the big Swarthmore a capella fest, a.k.a. Jamboree, has been tentatively scheduled for December 11th (Wednesday) and 12th (Thursday). It will be hosted by Mixed Company. The event usually starts at 7pm.
September 27, 2002: Haverford, Concert for Peace
Chaverim, a tri-co a cappella group, hosted a tri-co a cappella concert at Haverford. It was a wonderful event and it was interesting for us to hear some of the other a cappella groups from the other colleges. We sang "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To", "Autumn Leaves", "The Man I Love", and "It Don't Mean a Thing" ... just a few of our old favorites.
September 9, 2002: New members
Congratulations to Andy Meade and Steven Bhardwaj, the new O&E-ers. We are back in full force with seven singers. The amazing thing is that we have four men and three women. Arranging for these voices is going to fun this semester.
September 5, 6, and 7, 2002: Auditions
We heard some wonderful auditions. During the process we realized that our audition is rather rigorous. We ask for a prepared song, sight singing, sight rythmic reading, and then a scat! It was great to hear the amazing scats that people did after claiming that they had never done it before. Yeah jazz!
September 1, 2002: Student Activities Fair
The surviving members from last year (Alyssa, Alex, Megan, Michael, and Lela) put together a short and sweet set for the community to check out. The performance was an opportunity for us to let people know about our music and then audition for the group. We performed "You'd Be So Nice ..." (Michael on the solo), "The Man I love" (Alyssa took up the solo last minute and did a great job), and "It Don't Mean a Thing ..." (Lela on solo). It was fun. The performance started out in the busy hallway of Parrish, since it was raining. Then we moved out onto the front porch.
May 6 and 7, 2002: Jamboree
Grapevine hosted Jamboree this Spring. As always, the concert was great fun. We sang our all new arrangements of "Mack the Knife" (Sierra and Melanie traded verses of the song), "Cheek to Cheek" and "I Won't Dance" medley (Lela and Dan serenaded each other on this one), and "Didn't We" (a sad ballad sung by Alex). It was a great set. We sadly said farewell to our graduating seniors Sierra, Dan, and Melanie at the end of the concert.
April 12, 2002: Parent's weekend
We performed Friday the 12th. The performance was in the bell tower in the afternoon. Other groups joined us in this concert for the parents.
February 1, 2002: PPR jazz jam
Our first concert of the semester at the PPR jazz jam, organized by the wonderful PPR RAs. We sang two full sets of songs. First set: "It Don't Mean A Thing," "When Your Lover Has Gone," "Autumn Leaves," "The Man I Love," "Sheik Of Arabi," and "One For My Baby." Second set: "Centerpiece," "Cry Me A River," "Rainy Day," "Everything Happens To Me," and "Twisted." And then for our encore ... "Oops, I Did It Again." It was a very successful concert, and we're adding more songs to our current repetoire ...
January, 2002: back in full force
Yay! Alyssa, Dan, and Sierra have returned. We have an astonishing number of 8 people in our group (compared to our 5 member group last semester)! At our first meeting we did a bit of planning and then headed out to the bell tower. We didn't realize how long we had been out there until our hands and toes started to get numb and we looked at our watches and saw that at least an hour had passed. We had managed to sing at least 8 songs (of course we were a little shakey on some). We look forward to a fun semester filled with many many concerts and we hope to resurrect a lot of old repetoire.
December 9 & 10, 2001: Jamboree
As the hosting group of this semester's big a cappella concert, Jamboree, we were extremely busy. We had a small concert at the WRC mid-semester but from then on we concentrated on Jambo preparations. Jamboree was a huge success. Our theme was the evolution of a cappella over time. Our backdrop was a huge timeline. Each group was assigned a time in history and after the presentation we would reveal the group's name on the timeline and where it corresponded to the a cappella evolution. With only 5 members in the group this semester, it was a bit challenging to put together the skits and everything else. Our set, that closed the show, was "Oops, I Did It Again" arranged by Michael (originally sung by the lovely Britney Spears). Yup, we took a pop song and made it jazz, didn't think it could be done, huh?! Following that was "Rainy Day" arranged by our new member, Alex, and Centerpiece arranged by Lela. It was a fun performance both nights. Now we pass along the Jambo responsibility to Grapevine this spring semester.
September 2, 2001: recruitment
The remaining members (all of spring 2001's group minus Dan and Alyssa) sang at the belltower to recuit new members, which required somehow resurrecting "Fly me to the moon" and "The man I love" with extremely little rehearsal time and missing parts. Song parts, not body parts.
May 9, 2001: the real return of the O&E webpage!
Here's some of what we've done in the semester that one of us has been lazy with the web page: sung at the a Women's Resource Center coffee house, sung for potential freshmen (and O&E members!) during Spec Weekend, and Jamboree! We sang our three newest songs, "Take Five" (arranged by Michael), "When Your Lover Has Gone" (arranged by Dan; sung by Alyssa), and "Of Thee I Sing (Baby)" (arranged by Megan).
January 23, 2001: the return of the O&E web page!
The web page is being resuscitated. There are neither pictures nor soundclips, but they will return someday.
July 6, 2000: we have sound clips!
Or, rather, we did, but then they vanished when the server did. They'll be back someday.
May 9, 2000: recording
We spent the afternoon recording a CD, which will soon be released to us. If you want copies, let one of us know and perhaps something can be arranged.
May 8, 2000: South Street
As is tradition when there is a graduating senior, we went to go sing on South Street. We earned a couple of dollars, a few cheers, a few strange looks, the utter adoration of a couple sitting outside of a restaurant, and the total bewilderment of a waitress at said restaurant, who said that the sight of us singing on South Street was one of the most surreal things she'd ever seen. She kindly took a picture of us with them.
May 1 and 2, 2000: Spring Jamboree
We sang "Fly Me to the Moon", "The Man I Love", "Squeeze Me", and "Everything Happens to Me." It was something of an egotistical set--"Me, to the Moon Fly", "I Love, the Man", "Me, Squeeze", and "Me, Everything Happens To."
April 16, 2000: Spec Weekend
Maya joined us, and we sang "You'd Be So Nice", "Cry Me a River", "Goody Goody", "You Call It Jogging", "Sheik of Araby", and "Too Darn Hot."
February 25, 2000: Concert in Paces with the Wayne Miller Backwater Blues Tribute Band
Again with Maya, we sang the same set as on Spec Weekend, plus "Tuxedo Junction."