Swarthmore College Bowl Email of Hatred

This is the Email of Hatred, sent by Josh to a certain school's team when they canceled less than 24 hours before QOTC VIII. Names have been changed; all false names and email addresses are in brackets.

Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 21:55:13 -0500 (EST)
From: Joshua Louis Miller <jmiller@sccs.swarthmore.edu>
To: [Samuel Helnerson <helnerson@dackleton.edu>]
Subject: Re: Final (hopefully) QOTC Update...

This is absolute stupidity.  _Absolute_ stupidity.  I have just spent
several hours making up our brackets and photocopying them at 
Kinko's.  Now I have to redo that and probably walk all the way up there
again to photocopy the new brackets if I want our handouts to look

Canceling with less than 24 hours before the tournament?  That is
crazy.  Words fail me.  I thought [New Youngstown] B was rude to cancel
last night around midnight, but this is just terrible.

Perhaps if you showed any more remorse other than a "Sorry"...Or perhaps
if your packet had been at all userful...or perhaps if you hadn't asked us
to order you a second pizza so now we have to take the loss for _2_ pizzas
instead of one...perhaps if you had done any of these things, I'd be less
angry with you.  But you didn't do these things.  But what what [sic]
really takes the cake is this:

> Also, I noticed that you offered a set of the packets to teams that
> submitted packets but didn't play -- would it be possible for us to have
> a copy of the packet?

Absolutely not.  First, if you read my message which is on our web page
and which I posted to the mailing list two times, I said word for word "We
will not award free packets to teams who submit a packet and tell us they
plan to come, but then cancel."  Second, I would hardly call that thing
you submitted a packet (our freshmen wrote me better things), even though
I gave you extra time to write it.  So from a qualitative perspective, you
sent me nothing.

Sorry if this note is mean-sounding, but I've worked my ass off for this
tournament this week, and you've just thrown another kink into things.  I
don't like writing notes dripping with invective, but I have a low
tolerance for stupidity and selfishness, and your team has displayed both.

Someone else will be running Swat's tournaments next year, so if you want
to come then, you can write that contact person.  I mention this because,
unless you want to give me a long, heartfelt apology, I hope you will
never write me again.


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